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Overlooked Estate Planning Benefits

Overlooked Estate Planning Benefits

May 17, 2023 • | Law Office of Zachary D Kamykowski, PLLC
The main reason to plan your estate is to make sure that your wishes are followed after you are gone.

Estate planning is an essential and practical task that many overlook. It's not just about divvying up your assets after you're gone—it's a comprehensive, legally enforceable plan that determines how your assets will distribute, who will raise your minor children, and how your affairs will wrap up posthumously. Without a proper estate plan, these critical decisions may fall into the hands of the court, which may then decide based on state laws.

It's a widespread misconception that estate planning is only for those with million-dollar bank accounts or grand mansions. However, the truth is anyone—regardless of the size of their assets—can and should engage in estate planning. A recent article by Yahoo Finance titled "3 Overlooked Benefits of Estate Planning" highlights that estate planning is not exclusively for the wealthy with sprawling estates.

The focus of estate planning isn't about the volume of what you have but rather about ensuring that whatever you do have ends up where you want it to be. It's about establishing a roadmap for your assets and defining who should raise minor children should the worst happen.

Moreover, a comprehensive estate plan can significantly influence taxes, the time it takes to settle your estate, your end-of-life medical care, and even the likelihood of disputes among your family members. It's a preventive measure designed to mitigate unnecessary stress and conflict.

Deciding who receives what after your demise is a central aspect of estate planning. Your estate consists of your assets, property, and personal items at your death. This encompasses real estate, bank accounts, life insurance, stocks and investments, retirement accounts, and personal property like vehicles, art, jewelry, and collectibles.

The estate planning process involves creating essential legal documents, including a last will and testament, a living will, financial and medical powers of attorney, and various trust documents. The last will and testament are crucial as they allow you to articulate your wishes regarding the distribution of your estate. A living will outlines your healthcare preferences should you become incapable of making decisions. If you cannot do so, financial and medical powers of attorney designate individuals to make decisions on your behalf. Trust documents can help manage and distribute assets to beneficiaries according to your specifications.

Starting your estate planning process can seem daunting, but with the assistance of an experienced estate planning attorney, it becomes manageable. The process generally involves reviewing your property and wishes, drafting a will, naming an executor, assigning healthcare and financial proxies, and settling other matters like funeral arrangements.

It's also essential to review and update your estate plan periodically. Life events such as marriages, divorces, births, and even substantial changes in financial status necessitate revisions in your estate plan to ensure it remains accurate and representative of your wishes.

In conclusion, estate planning is not merely a task for the affluent. It's an essential process for everyone—regardless of the size of their assets. Its benefits are far-reaching, extending beyond asset distribution to include tax reduction, conflict mitigation within the family, and the assurance that your wishes will be upheld. An experienced Austin estate planning attorney can guide you through this process, ensuring you and your loved one's peace of mind.

Reference: Yahoo Finance (April 24, 2023) “3 Overlooked Benefits of Estate Planning”

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