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Discover what is holding you back and take a step closer to achieving your family's financial goals

Clarify Your Goals

Estate and Wealth Planning empowers you to explore your dreams, work backwards and build a plan to get you from here to there.

Identify Obstacle

By understanding what is possible, we can build a plan to reduce risk, and face challenges thoughtfully.

Design Your Plan

Together we can build a plan to help you and your family achieve your goals: a new home, paying for college, saving for a secure retirement, investing in the next generation, building a legacy through charitable giving, etc.

Improve Your Life

With an Estate and Wealth Plan, you have a purpose. Each day you move closer to your goals, a day filled with meaning.

I Can Help You Get Organized to Protect & Meet Your Family's Financial Goals!

Sleep better (when you finally get the chance!)
by knowing that you have protected your family and secured your assets
Convenience & value
with an easy intake process, optional virtual meetings, responsiveness and collaboration, together we build a coordinated estate and wealth plan that works together from a single experienced professional working solely in your best interest
Confidence in knowing how you will achieve your goals
with a clear path forward - and options for updating when circumstances change
Truly understanding your financial position
by empowering you to make better decisions for yourself and your family - because without knowing where you are today, you cannot get to where you want to be tomorrow
estate planning attorney
estate planning attorney

Zachary D Kamykowski,
Attorney at Law

  • Imagine living your life with the serenity of knowing that in the worst case, your family will continue to thrive:
    I provide you with the essential estate planning documents new parents must have to protect themselves and their children.
  • Knowing that each final goodnight kiss to your child at the close of the day represents one more step toward achieving your family's financial goals:
    I can provide you with funded ratio analysis, social security optimization analysis, tax planning strategies, and asset allocation and location recommendations.
  • Seize control of your destiny with a plan and avoid letting life just happen to you:
    I can provide you with financial planning to meet specific goals (i.e., saving for a new home, saving for college, saving for retirement).
  • Knowing that you have a robust plan, which can survive and adapt to changing circumstances:
    I can provide you with scenario planning and stress testing
  • With financial success, you have the power to change lives:
    I can provide you with comprehensive legacy planning, wealth transfer strategies and charitable giving strategies.
estate planning attorney
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